When to decorate the house for Halloween

When to decorate the house for Halloween

Decorating the house on Halloween is a very important question, because the appropriate entourage will create the appropriate mood for the party. You can be guided by a certain theme, such as a cemetery or an old house with ghosts. Or you can create a general ominous mood and decorate the house for Halloween with your own hands, using improvised means.

From black paper you can cut out figures of bats, skulls, bones, devils, witches and with tape or paper clips attach frightening silhouettes around the room.

Before you decorate the house for Halloween, it is recommended to stock up in advance the reflective paint: with its help you can paint figures, which in the darkness will mysteriously shimmer, creating the right mood.

From the wire you can quickly make creepy spiders and hang them in the corners on a spider web, woven from ordinary knitting threads. Not a bad idea – to paint white balls for table tennis, giving them the appearance of human eyes. You can organize a little fuss, scattering them in the most unexpected places, slipping them into the pockets of the guests’ clothes, or simply put them in a clear glass vase.

Organizing a Halloween party at home, you should remember that orange and black are traditionally the main colors on this holiday. If possible, it is necessary to beat the interior of the room in this color scheme. For example, the tablecloth should be orange, and the tableware should be black.

A great importance in the design of the room is played by lighting. Spreading candles or lanterns everywhere is a great decoration for Halloween.

In fact, there are a lot of ideas how to celebrate Halloween at home, it’s only important to dream a little and do not forget to prepare in advance for the upcoming party.

Decorating the apartment for Halloween. Spooky citrus smiley faces

Carved pumpkin does not keep long, and immediately after the holiday it will have to be thrown out. But with oranges and tangerines everything is much easier. You can do this: Take a black water-resistant marker and oranges or tangerines. Draw sinister faces on the skins (you can be inspired by “devilish” emoji), put them in bowls and place them as decorations in a prominent place. Such decorations after Halloween and do not need to be removed: the fruit will be eaten during the party.


Decorative spider web

In the corners of the room, you can create a decorative spider web in just 20 minutes. “You’ll need 2-3 skeins of white thread and clerical nail needles. Button nails with colored caps will work, too. Choose corners that catch the eye when you enter, nail the walls and thread them. Complete the decor with paper-cut spiders if desired,” advises Olga, interior designer at YouDo.com.

Mystical lighting

Work with the light. Dim or turn off general lamps, experiment with table lamps, sconces or floor lamps. “Use additional light sources as backlighting for scenery. If you have paper floor lamps or nightlights, you can attach a pre-cut paper silhouette of a bat, spider or cockroach  looks very effective on the inside. You can also buy coloured light bulbs, for example red, green or purple – coloured light sets the right mood too,” says Olga.

You can make colored bulbs yourself. To decorate fluorescent and LED ones, nail polish is quite suitable. But standard incandescent bulbs are better not to paint or use special stained glass dyes for this purpose.

A broom in a prominent place

For Halloween decor, you can use an ordinary broom: it will look good as a separate object, and as an addition to the overall composition. A broom or broom is usually sold in hardware stores. But even if you can’t find a suitable one, you can easily make one yourself using thin twigs, flagellum and a handle from a mop.

And a pumpkin, of course, too.

If you can’t imagine the holiday without its main symbol – a pumpkin, but you don’t have time or desire to cut out the eyes and sinister grin of Jack O’Lantern, you can decorate it with gold or copper gauze. “Anyone can do it with gold foil. It is sold at any store of handmade. It is very easy to work with it. Pumpkins decorated with gilded foil look worthy of any interior and can be used not only for Halloween, but also as a traditional autumn decoration of an apartment or office,” says Olga.

How to decorate a window on Halloween. Halloween crafts and decorations with your own

The celebration of Halloween in Russia is not as common as, for example, in America, but this holiday is still a great occasion to make interesting crafts (and not necessarily scary) from different materials: natural and improvised (disposable dishes, bags, threads, etc.), colored paper and cardboard.

We have made a small selection of interesting ideas for crafts with children and decorating the room for this unusual holiday. The main symbols of Halloween are bats, witches, pumpkins with cut-out faces, spiders and webs, ghosts and vampires. That’s exactly what we’re going to make.

Jessie Rivera