How to clean up after Halloween: the best tips for getting rid of tough stains in the house

How to clean up after Halloween: the best tips for getting rid of tough stains in the house

Halloween is just a short time away, and whether you’re going hard or just indulging in a few sweet treats this weekend, stains and spills are bound to show up – but how can you clean them up quickly?

Halloween may not be for everyone, but these cleaning tricks go far beyond this spooky season. While many of us prepare to decorate our homes, carve pumpkins and dress up, few of us dare to think about the effects of pumpkin flesh, fake blood and candle wax on our furniture. While baking soda and white vinegar might just come to the rescue, that really works when removing tough, holiday stains from your property.

How to remove chocolate stains

Tricks or treats are all fun and games until your kids’ or grandkids’ chocolate-covered fingers are on your couch.

Sticky candy and chocolate stains can stay in your home if they dry out, but there are ways to get rid of them before they harden.

Experts recommend using a blunt knife or spoon to scrape off the remains of these sweet treat stains before wiping them off.

Dampen a clean cloth with dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent and cool water to gently blot the stain.

Move the cloth inward, toward the center of the stain so it doesn’t seep further onto the couch or other upholstered furniture.

If you’re dealing with cooked sweets or marmalade, head to the freezer and grab a bag of frozen ice or peas to soak and fix the stain.

Scrape it off with a blunt object and wipe it again with water and detergent.

How to remove fake blood stains

The scary truth about fake blood is that it’s actually harder to clean than real blood stains. Oil-based fake blood and cosmetic makeup are difficult to clean with plain water.

Instead, experts recommend:

Blot wet stains with a paper towel before applying shaving cream to clean the stain with water and a clean cloth. Remove fake blood on clothes with talcum powder to absorb the oil, then use white vinegar to soak clothes overnight before washing. Dampen face paint stains with medical alcohol or nail polish remover, then soak with cold water and rinse off with hot water.

How to remove duct tape residue

Halloween decorations are fun, but duct tape can really leave a mark when attached to glass surfaces such as windows and mirrors.

After removing the decorations, wipe off the sticky stain with a soft cloth using a small amount of alcohol.

If you’re dealing with sticky walls, dry the remaining sticky tape with a hair dryer to loosen the stickiness, and gently remove it with a small amount of lemon juice.

How to remove pumpkin stains

There’s nothing like a pumpkin lantern to get into the Halloween spirit, but the orange pulp of these festive vegetables can leave orange stains on carpets if carelessly cut.

Use a blunt knife to remove the residue from the surface, and use water mixed with equal parts dishwashing liquid to blot up the pungent orange stain and rinse with clean water.


How to remove wax stains

Real candles add spookiness to any Halloween celebration, but melted wax stains can make the look even more frightening.

If the wax melts and hardens on your carpet or upholstery, try holding an ice pack to remove the stain before removing it with a blunt knife.

Experts also recommend covering the stain with a folded, damp cotton towel and ironing it on high heat for 10 seconds.

A simple stain remover should help remove any deep-rooted residue after removing surface wax.

Always use candles safely and stay away from flammable objects and upholstered furniture.

Jessie Rivera