How to decorate the ceiling on New Year’s Eve at home, office, school

How to decorate the ceiling on New Year’s Eve at home, office, school

How can you decorate the ceiling on New Year’s Eve when the Christmas tree is all dressed up, the garland is blinking merrily and the tangerine scent is filling everything around it? You can do this with the same Christmas decorations, but there are more creative options.

And the simplest balls, if hung correctly, will look very original. Interesting ideas, photos with descriptions, simple tips on decorating the ceiling for your favorite holiday – you can find it all in the article.

Decorating the ceiling at home

Whatever we decorate the ceiling, the most important thing is to securely attach the decorative elements to the surface. The basic principle: we make fasteners on the walls, and as a support on the ceiling we use a chandelier. In this case, it is convenient because it is located exactly in the center.

On the other hand, fasteners can also be made on the ceiling itself with such improvised means:

  • ordinary, or even better – double-sided tape;
  • needle-pins;
  • absorbent cotton moistened with soapy water (not the most reliable, but it does not leave stains).

And as for the more durable options, it is best to use ordinary fishing line. They are fastened in the corners of the room with the help of clerical buttons, stretched across the entire ceiling, crossing each other in the center. To these lines you can hang anything – tinsel, garlands, rain and snowflakes.


Tinsel is the easiest way to decorate the ceiling for the new year. The idea is very simple.

You need to think in advance about the color combination of different fluffy garlands, as well as their location. You can stretch tinsel both along the ceiling and to its very center, i.e. directly on the chandelier.


As ceiling decorations for the New Year, rain is traditionally used. Moreover, it looks especially good it is suspended, and the Christmas tree at times strongly “littered. So it’s better to let the rain fall directly on the ceiling – after all, it should fall as if from the “sky”.

It’s quite good to combine the raindrop with balloons, which can be made in the form of a drawing. The photo shows a variation of the store decoration. However, it can also be recreated at home, simply scaling down the figure.

Balloons and other Christmas decorations

If it is true that it is toys that decorate the Christmas tree, it is also true that they can be hung directly from the ceiling. Options for decorating can be different – the main thing to think about the color scheme and a clear pattern.

All balls, cones, icicles and other toys should be placed at a certain interval. In the simplest case, you can just hang a few balls in the center.

And if there are a lot of toys, you can make a whole holiday panel. It is better to make a sketch in advance on an A4 sheet, reflecting the exact dimensions of the surface.

And then completely trust your imagination and taste. Of course, you can use toys in combination with other Christmas decorations of the ceiling.

And you can also use real pine, spruce or cedar cones. By the way, you can make Christmas trees out of cones – elegant table ones.

They can also be made from fabric, cardboard, paper. And also from disks, shelves for books, twigs and even … medical gloves. How to make unusual, creative Christmas trees for the home, detailed here.

However, you can also be limited to just balls, which additionally decorate with festive streamers.


Another familiar symbol of the new year, which we firmly associate with a serene childhood is a paper lantern. It is made in different ways, but the general principle is the same.

And here is a more original and, so to speak, harmonious variant. A rounded lantern looks more interesting and in its own way even fascinating. It can be made with the help of a sharp office knife and thick enough colored paper.

Such lanterns can be hung as a garland, alternating their size and colors. Or you can decorate the ceiling in combination with other elements – snowflakes, rain, tinsel and many others.


How else can you decorate your ceiling for New Year’s Eve? A garland of snowflakes, of course. And in general from all sorts of figures that we associate with the new year.

Those who are a little rusty, how to cut snowflakes from paper, will help visual video instruction.

Let’s cut as many different snowflakes as possible. Well, then everything goes very quickly – make a garland of figurines, gluing them to the thread, streamers or the same rain.

Paper ballerinas

And if you put a snowflake horizontally, what might it look like? Doesn’t it look like a graceful skirt, or rather a ballet tutu of a ballerina?

Let’s cut out a cute girl figure and dress her up for the new year. Create a few of these paper girls – let them decorate the room and cheer up, twirling in their dance.


Endless freedom of creativity give balloons, which are by right the most popular way to decorate rooms. Of course, it is not necessary to inflate them completely – it is enough to get a spherical shape with a diameter of 7-10 cm.

And attach them to a thread or fishing line. It is important to think in advance about the pattern and colors.


To work – as on a holiday: decorating the ceiling in the office

You can be very creative in decorating your office for New Year: make a snowman out of cups, create a creative Christmas tree in the office with your own hands. And also – to decorate the ceiling.

To decorate the ceiling at work, we use the same ideas. However, since all co-workers are already anticipating the arrival of corporate parties, there is very little time left to decorate the room. So we’ll use the most simple options with rain, tinsel, and streamers.

New Year’s Eve decorations on the ceiling of the kindergarten and school

To decorate the ceiling in the kindergarten or school, you can use the same ideas. Except that the decorative elements should be simpler, so that the kids themselves can make them, and then hang them up with the help of adults.

For example, snowmen suspended from 3-4 circles glued together in the form of a book.

In general, any other New Year symbols, which are easy to cut out on the basis of a stencil, and then turn several parts into one beautiful ceiling garland.

They can be cut out of white or multicolored paper. It will be great if the kids “play” with the colors and create a classic rainbow color scheme.

Jessie Rivera