Boxes with their own hands for the New Year

Boxes with their own hands for the New Year

Many people have prepared gifts in advance, but not everyone has thought of what to pack them in. The editorial staff of decided that we should not put off such an important question, and offers a lot of good solutions. Making boxes with their own hands for the New Year is a fascinating thing, if only not to get carried away in the process, or not enough gifts for all made boxes!

How to wrap a gift for the New Year

The process of giving is always associated with the emotions that the giver and the recipient exchange. Positive emotions will be many times more if the gift is in a beautiful and original packaging. They do not even hurry to open it – and not because they are not interested in what is inside. An interestingly wrapped gift shows that the person spent his time and attention on the preparation, which makes the gift very valuable.

How to wrap a gift beautifully:

  • Put it in a ready-made special bag;
  • Wrap everything in gift paper;
  • To hide the gift in an original box.

There is nothing even to talk about the first method, but the other two will help to share the warmest and kindest emotions with your loved ones along with the gift.


What material can be used to make a Christmas box with your own hands

The main materials that have a decorative function and are moderately strong, remain paper and cardboard. Thanks to the development of scrapbooking – in almost any store for needlework and creative hobbies sets of amazingly beautiful and pleasant quality of thick paper are sold.

In addition to paper and cardboard you need scissors, glue, hot glue, ribbons, decorative items.

What decorate the finished box, we will talk separately, but first we will learn how to make it.

Master classes on how to make gift wrapping boxes

A simple rectangular box although it remains a traditional packaging, but people want more original products. There are many ways to make interesting and cute gift wrapping: it is nice to get a gift from a snowflake box, the lady will be happy with a present from a box in the form of a bag. The best part is that ready-made templates will help make the work not only interesting, but also easy.

Handmade Christmas gift wrapping: give a gift in a Christmas tree box

A small Christmas tree with a surprise inside can be hung on a real Christmas tree, put on the table, on the fireplace, on the bedside table. We choose a suitable color paper and begin work.

Snowflake box 

In winter, you can’t do without snowflakes. One snowflake is firmly settled on a cardboard package, and even after removing the contents it will remain a delight to the eye. The most difficult thing in the process – neatly fold everything along the fold lines.

Hiding the gift in the house

Children’s goodies are best to give creatively. Children will appreciate the gift, hidden in the house, because with such a box then you can wonderfully play. That is why such a craft should not be made of paper, but of thick cardboard.

A surprise in a lady’s purse

A purely feminine variant of gift wrapping that can be decorated as you like – most likely, after the bag will be extracted, it will occupy a special place in the boudoir of the new hostess.

A box bonbonniere

Lovers of sweets are not difficult to please: it will be pleasant and convenient to carry the sweets from a colorful bonbonniere. Time to make it takes very little.

Pyramid box

The strict shapes of geometric shapes are as if created for perfectionists. To make the product perfect, it is not necessary to rush in the work. Sizes are given for convenience – you can take any, making the pyramid bigger or smaller.

A square box

Knowing how to make a box from thick cardboard will not hurt anyone, so let’s try to assemble a square package. If the cube turns out to be small, then a large gift in it will not fit. Therefore, when printing the template, focus on the desired size of the product.

Candy box 

We have already seen the templates of gift boxes with their own hands with sizes, now let’s try to assemble a funny big candy with a delicious surprise inside.

How to beautifully wrap a box

The ways to create boxes we have considered. But what if the gift is impressive and it is in the factory packaging? In this case, we need to go to the store for kraft paper with a suitable print, which will be the most appropriate idea.

Wrapping paper is sold in rolls, so, most likely, it will be enough for more than one box.

How to decorate a box with your own hands

Some people like the process of assembling, others like to decorate the finished product. How to decorate the box beautifully? Since we have a New Year’s theme, you can safely exclude floral motifs – let’s leave them for other holidays.

All the decorations are thought through to the moment of assembling. If you decorate the finished product, you can deprive yourself of many ways to create a gift of rare beauty. Therefore, before assembling, you can put a stamp on the paper or make a beautiful inscription.

Decorate the products with New Year’s themed elements, ribbons, bows, half beads and pearl drops. It is also good to complement the work with handwritten tags.

Jessie Rivera