How to make a rabbit mask (the symbol of the year 2023) with your own hands: templates

How to make a rabbit mask (the symbol of the year 2023) with your own hands: templates

In December 2022 will begin a frantic preparation for children’s New Year’s parties, corporate parties at work, fun home gatherings at the New Year’s table. Before such a magical event like the New Year, it is important to think in advance about your costume in detail. The image in the year of the rabbit should complete the cute homemade mask.

It is not necessary to buy, because this simple mask is made from a handy stationery. Just print, cut out and glue the craft!

Mask from a ready-made template made of paper

An unusual and easy to make item of attire, the mask for New Year in honor of the symbol of the Rabbit year is made in a few minutes at home. This mask can be worn not only in kindergarten for a matinee, but also in the theater, at a workplace corporate party in honor of the New Year holidays. With this mask on New Year’s Eve you can put on a real performance at home. Just pick out an outfit and put on a bunny mask – New Year’s Eve outfit is ready. The good news is that a child can make such a mask himself, if adults prepare a template of paper in advance

We will need:

  • ready-made plastic headband;
  • colored paper;
  • paper clips.

The steps of making the decoration:

  • The bunny ears are made from a ready-made template from the internet. Choose your favorite sketch first, and then print the picture.
  • Now cut exactly along the contour of the sketch for the mask. Make fasteners according to the size of your child’s head. Staple the edges of the paper tape with a paper clip or string – you need it so the mask will hold and not fall off the head. 
  • Colored felt is good for bunny ears, but if you don’t have that material, just use cardboard. Cut out the ears on the outline and glue to the top of the mask.

Ears out of plastic plates

This easy-to-make New Year hand-made decoration is not difficult to make even if you did not have handy colored cardboard. A simple disposable picnic plate will do.

Tools required:

  • plastic white disposable plate;
  • scissors;
  • gray pencil;
  • pink marker.

How to make a mask:

  • Print or draw the outline of the ears you like first on paper. Cut out the template.
  • Place the sheet with the template on the bottom of the plate. Trace the template with a simple pencil on the plate.
  • Cut out the mask piece with scissors. Cut out carefully, so the plate does not crack.
  • Polish the inside of the ears of a rabbit. They can be left like this or slightly bend the edges. The nose of a rabbit can also be painted with a pink marker.

A paper bunny mask in a few minutes

It turns out that if you put effort and pay attention to handmade 5-10 minutes, you can create the perfect New Year’s Eve mask in honor of the symbol of the year 2023 – rabbit. The main thing is to pay careful attention to cutting and gluing the details of the mask.

You will need:

  • colored paper;
  • sheets of colored cardboard;
  • a printer (you can make a stencil by hand);
  • scissors;
  • ribbon or headband.

Method of making:

Print the bunny mask template onto a scrapbook sheet. Now seal the blank with cardboard. Secure with glue, and then cut out the template.

Make fasteners for a mask of a rabbit on his head. Now measure the size of the head under the paper rim. You can use a ribbon or a plastic hoop.

A bunny mask from a plastic plate for a matinee

If the mask is made from improvised objects, then the child can be proud of it at a matinee in the garden or at a New Year’s concert at school. Independently make a mask from a plastic plate is not difficult. Children will enjoy creating the mask with their parents, as it is a fascinating and fun process.

Tools for the craft:

  • disposable plastic plate;
  • duct tape;
  • a workpiece from the internet in the form of hare ears;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • medical absorbent cotton;
  • whisker sticks;
  • rubber band or ribbon to hold it in place;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • markers or paints.

Making method:

  • Cut a face-sized circle out of a plate.
  • The eyes, nose and mouth bunny cut out along the contour and color them with felt-tip pens.
  • Secure blanks on the base in the form of a muzzle bunny with glue.
  • Glue bunny whiskers of sticks.
  • Dab the whole blank with glue and glue pieces of absorbent cotton evenly over it, so it becomes similar to the fur of the rabbit.
  • Fix the finished product on a long stick or tie ribbons, making one hole on the sides on both sides.

Mask for a corporate party made of cardboard

Party at work can also be fun, if you arrange a mini New Year’s performance with the characters of the characters of the year. Rabbit mask can be made of thick cardboard. This version of the carnival outfit will last throughout the holiday.

To create this New Year bunny mask, you will need:

  • paper template;
  • PVA glue;
  • ruler;
  • sharp scissors;
  • a simple pencil.
  • a sheet of thick cardboard;
  • elastic band or ribbon.

Making method:

  • Create a printout of the desired template to create the base of the mask. Print out the mask and its details can be made on normal office paper.
  • Cut out the workpiece along the contours and glue it to the cardboard with PVA glue.
  • Carefully draw all the features that are characteristic of the muzzle of a rabbit. Cut out the holes for the eyes. Now circle the marker on the antennae and mouth of the rabbit.
  • With a hole puncher make holes to attach a rubber band or ribbon.
  • Wooden stick with a sharp end (you can use an orange for manicure) mark the fold lines on the edges of the mask – it will be indents. Now the mask will have a very smooth outline. Of course, such a costume element will look very graceful.  
  • Decorate the mask in the form of a head bunny applique of felt. Paint the ears inside with pink paint or marker. 
rabbit mask

3D Rabbit Mask

This New Year mask in the form of a three-dimensional rabbit is not difficult to make. For clarity it is worth to watch a video and photo of the performance of the costume element for New Year. Glue the bulk mask from paper can be simple glue – this is the easiest option for assembling an element of the costume. However, if desired, you can use leather, felt, velvet paper, shiny cardboard.

You will need:

  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • PVA glue;
  • rubber band for fixing the mask;
  • ready-made templates for the craft.

Making method:

  • Cut out a ready-made template from paper.
  • Sketch the eyes, teeth, antennae rabbit. It is important to make holes in the place for eyes, if the mask will be put on a person.
  • Put tape through the prepared holes on the sides of the mask.
  • Mark the silhouette of the mask on separate sheets of cardboard. Be sure to mark the folds. It remains to cut out the silhouette and bend it in the right places. Glue piece mask, and leave the product to dry.
  • Add features muzzle, applying all blanks with glue. 

A bunny mask is the simplest version

When New Year’s Eve is approaching and the carnival attire has not yet been thought of, a homemade mask will help. The symbol of the year will bring good luck, if you dress up in a costume that matches him. Soon to come the year of the rabbit, and the mask with his face will be as relevant as ever. Creating such a decorative element allows you to develop a child’s imagination and improve fine motor skills of the hands.


  • paper or cardboard in a white shade;
  • ruler;
  • stationery glue;
  • ribbon or string;
  • scissors;
  • a simple pencil;
  • absorbent cotton;
  • pink paper or a pink marker.

Stages of creation of the costume element:

  • On paper, draw a version of the blank of the future bunny mask. Also the stencil can be printed on a printer.
  • Now make blanks for the ears, drawing them on separate white sheets. Separately, you can fix the ears of the rabbit in the middle of the mask on top. Ears can also be cut in one blank, along with a muzzle bunny – most importantly, choose a solid template. 
  • Cut out the mask eyes, and finish on the sides of the bunny eyelashes.
  • Draw the nose with a felt-tip pen in a pink shade. Also, instead of painting, you can glue an already pre-cut blank nose.
  • Cover the mask with absorbent cotton, imitating rabbit fur. 
  • Attach a ribbon or string.

Masks for the New Year with Chinese symbols-animals are very popular on children’s holidays, because they make the image of a child magical and fun. Some parents may think that it is easier to buy a bunny mask, but it only takes 20 minutes to make it together with the child.

Jessie Rivera