How to fix the garland on the facade to decorate with your own hands the house for the New Year outside

How to fix the garland on the facade to decorate with your own hands the house for the New Year outside

We can’t imagine New Year’s Eve without sparkling lights, fireworks and festive fireworks. For this holiday, you would like to decorate your house in a special way outside, as well as the balcony or apartment windows. A wonderful decoration for this occasion would be garland. Inside the house, placing garland is a common story, but for outdoor lighting you will have to especially try, you need certain skills and knowledge. The material of this article will help you turn your house into a fabulous sparkling palace from a winter fairy tale.

Types of garlands for the street

Street garlands are distinguished by the type of installation and attachment. Garlands are used for external decoration of windows, cornices, the central part of the facade, terraces, balconies, etc. In this case it is convenient to use a serial connection of light decorations, using the electrical switchboard at home. Outside, it is also customary to illuminate trees in the yard.

Icicle garlands with melting effect

This type of garland is very popular for decorating the eaves of the house. The effect of melting appears due to the fact that the alternately glowing LEDs in a glass bulb as if moving down flow.

To make such a garland, you must stock up on transparent glass bulbs between 200 cm and 500 cm long. The bulbs are attached to a common cable at a distance of 300 mm from each other. The pitch frequency can be reduced or increased twofold at your discretion. The power supply voltage can be 220V, 24V and 12V. As a rule, the longer and more powerful icicles, the higher the supply voltage. In the case of low voltage, a transformer is needed. Sometimes a power supply can be purchased in a store with a set of ready-made garland.

Icicle garland can decorate the porch of the house, balcony railings, the edges of the roof. The LEDs inside the bulbs can be warm (yellow) or cool (white with blue) colors, and there are also multicolored LEDs and a dense blue color. If you include a controller in your circuit to control the lights, you can regulate the lighting remotely with a remote.

There is such a parameter of moisture resistance – IP68, remember it. Lights with this characteristic can be used in frosts and thaws.

How to fix the icicle garland? For example, consider fixing our Christmas product to the eaves of the house. Choose attachment points, they should be along the supply cable near each bulb with LEDs. We suggest using self-tapping screws and hooks. Will do and rope, to which the garland fixed clamps.

“Melting icicles” look good at a height and from afar, so do not mount them in places where you can get close, the light effect will be lost. It is better to place garlands with small lights in the foreground. The right combination of different decorations is no small art. Here we must not forget about the sense of proportion!

A fringe or luminous curtain

The fringe garland is somewhat similar to the previous described type of garland, with the luminous element of the “fringe” is a conductor with diodes of length from 1.4 to 9.3 m. In this case, the strands of different lengths are arranged in increments of about 80 mm. The bottom edge can be semicircular (the arc can be directed downwards or upwards, like an arch), the edge can be wavy, multilevel (two or three strands of the same length, the other two or three strands of shorter length, then again two or three of the first length, the next two or three shorter, and so on). There are many options, choose your own. Decide what mode of illumination you prefer, it may be a constant burning, flashing, a running line, a game of different colors, etc.

Curtain is usually created from strands of the same length. Cable fixing points are usually placed in increments of 50-100 mm. The following types of curtains can be considered: waterfall, cascade, imitation of fabric curtains with lambrequins.

The curtain can be mounted once and used all year round. In the evenings and in the summertime it will create a romantic and festive mood. If you still want to make a removable design, consider having clips and hooks on which the curtain can easily be attached and is easy to remove if necessary.


LED tube or duralight

Duralight – PVC tube, which are placed in the LEDs. Duralight comes in two varieties: a round diameter of 13 mm with 32 LEDs per linear meter and a flat (Duraflex) with a cross section of 11×17 mm with 60 LEDs per linear meter.

Duralight can operate in several modes: pulsating, flickering (frequency can be set), a running fire. More recently, it was dyuralaytom was accepted to frame the glass openings of shop windows, windows, to create with luminous tape contours of the figures on the buildings. Today, duralight has given way to more modern garlands.

This happened for a number of reasons. First, the tubes of duralight lose their shape over time, deform unsightly, the LEDs partially fail, and the garland begins to burn with dark skips. If the duralight is installed outside rather than indoors, the winter severely destroys its poor insulation and practically puts it out of operation. So the Chinese copy of the Christmas decoration is not very reliable. In terms of brightness duralight is also inferior to more modern competitors. However, its undeniable advantage is an affordable price and ease of connection and use.

If you first set out for the New Year’s decorations facade, duralight will be a convenient option for you. Sold this LED tube-tape in coils. Cut the cullet should be in strictly defined places, the sellers respect this. After cutting the end is sealed with a special plug, when selling it you will be prompted and helped to do it. When mounting the tube with LEDs on the walls will require mounting clips, as shown in the photo.

To the tube, powered by 220 V, you still need an adapter that provides constant current for the LEDs. To create a flicker effect, use a controller, which is also easy to purchase and attach to the circuit design.

If you want to decorate any figures with the duralite, be careful when bending the tube to prevent short circuits and ignition during operation and future use.

Simple and reliable “Belt light” garlands

This is essentially a water-resistant cable to which bulbs are attached at a certain pitch. Such a garland can work in “running light” mode, looks simple and stylish. This is one of the most reliable options for home lighting.

Led neon – flexible neon

Led neon, which is an electroluminescent cord, is relatively flexible. The larger the cord in diameter, the less plastic it is. Cold neon can not change color modes, as it does LED strip. However, this is a solvable issue – you should only connect the colored blanks. It should be remembered that a meter of such a cord consumes up to 4 watts of electrical energy, so that the overheating of the backlight is impossible.

If you compare the diode and neon ribbon in brightness, the second will be inferior. The strength of the glow of neon will depend on the length of the cord: short – the brightness is higher, longer – the light is not as intense. To assemble and run a neon light, you must connect to a circuit inverter for 12 or 220 V. You can use normal batteries or charger blocks with a USB connector as a power source for these models. If you are not satisfied with the standard length of neon lights when you buy them, you can extend the lights, but not more than 20%.

Flexible neon frames the main elements of the architecture of the house very nicely, creates a festive atmosphere waiting for the Christmas miracle. However, you will have to work hard with the installation of such illumination.

We will tell you about the basic rules of working with flexible neon:

  • Cut the tube is allowed only on the factory markings. Locate the perpendicular dotted line on the strip.
  • We have already warned you that neon does not like bends due to its poor ductility. Remember that the radius of the cord should be at least 120 mm.

To install the neon garland, use U-shaped holders, into which the profile rails are tightly inserted.

You can create a certain pattern yourself, such as several beautiful large loops, and on top of organizing them a circle ellipse or heart-shaped cord. These beautiful multi-colored loops connect to each other with connectors, on the free ends be sure to put plugs, preventing the ingress of precipitation. Fasten such a construction with a profile.

You are almost ready to turn on the neon lights. The neon strip plug goes into a power adapter where the AC voltage is converted to DC.

The only thing left is to admire the fruits of your labor, enjoy the beauty of the original garland and wait for the magical New Year!

Do a home lighting design project outside your home

Sometimes we think that we know everything about our favorite house, in particular, how to decorate it beautifully for the holidays. However, in practice it turns out not so easy. Everywhere you need special knowledge of architecture, style, fashion trends, finally. Some elements are customary to emphasize, highlighting the light, some to skip. We strongly recommend that you make a design project of home decoration in advance.

Read books, talk to experts, see options for similar decorations of similar houses on the Internet, around you. Prior preparation to be in the subject, of course, desirable, but not obligatory. When designing, think about which architectural elements you would like to emphasize, highlight, and which – hide. Here is important sense of proportion: let the light be a little less, but not too much.

In the project, do not forget to highlight the entrance area, the windows of the facade, and on the sides of the house and on the roof can simply indicate the main contours of the building. A properly drafted design project will help you decide on the meterage of the garlands, so as not to overpay for them in the store.

You will need a tape measure to calculate the lengths and distances. First, measure the perimeter of the entire house on all sides. You’ll also need the parameters of the door frames, the doors themselves, and the window frames on the front (sides) for lighting. If your house has such an architectural ornament as a bay window, it too must be measured in height and width in order to highlight the light beautifully.

All these steps, of course, will cause some difficulties. But the result will exceed your expectations. A beautifully lit house for New Year’s Eve will attract the attention of all passers-by and create for you an atmosphere of magic, coziness and warmth. I think it is worth a little bit of work for this!

How to choose the right garland to decorate your home

It’s worth remembering that home and outdoor garlands are very different. All outdoor garlands are protected from dust, moisture, low temperature. To choose the right garland for outdoor use, remember the following parameters: IP64 and IP65 – these are designations of the high level of protection of electrical elements, they can decorate the outer contour of the house or apartment windows. If IP44 is indicated, such garland is better to use indoors, on heated terraces.

When selecting the garland, find on the package (in the enclosed instructions) recommendations on the temperature mode of use of the product. It should correspond to the climate of your region. Be attentive and vigilant!

It is necessary to remember when choosing garlands about the light they emit. For example, bulbs with parameters of 2500-3000 kelvin give a warm, yellowish light. Cool or daylight (bluish) bulbs at 4000-5000 kelvin give off a cooler or daylight (bluish) light. If your home is painted in warm colors (yellow, beige, light brown and shades thereof), warm light bulbs will work for you. The house of bluish, purple tones will better perceive illumination from lamps of cool color.

Some useful tips for illumination

Let me give you some practical tips for decorating your home with garlands:

  • Always buy garland with a reserve of 2-4 pieces in case of spoilage or shortage in the miscalculation in the measurements. From experience, after some time, it can be impossible to buy exactly the same product because of lack.
  • The best time for outdoor decoration with garlands is November or early December.
  • Take into consideration the temperature of the air when installing garlands. If it is below 12 degrees, regardless of the type, any will harden in the cold.
  • If in addition to the garlands you want to use decorations in the form of balls, icicles, etc., check whether these additions can withstand the frost. It can be unpleasant when such decorations begin to disintegrate in the midst of the holiday.
  • Do not forget about safety when working with electricity. Carefully check the insulation and reliability of all wires and their connections. It is not unreasonable to consult a knowledgeable electrician.

How to attach garlands to the roof

When installing garlands on the roof of the house, think in advance about where to attach them. As a rule, roofs of houses are decorated at the corners and eaves. Prepare carefully for installation: choose a good and clear day without frost, arrange safe access to the mounting points with stable ladders. Remember that at low temperatures the paint on the roof elements becomes more brittle and slippery.

Before installing on the roof, be sure to connect each garland to a power source and check it for suitability, then assemble the entire chain of garlands, see if all sections are lit. It is better to connect the street garland to a separate circuit breaker on the switchboard, if possible. Use a metal rope and screw-in hooks to attach the illumination to the roof and facade of the house so that the rope doesn’t sag. Tighten it with turnbuckles. We advise to fix the garland to the rope with clamps, the connection should be secure and exclude the possibility of movement of the garland in strong gusts of wind. Arrange the fixing clamps with a spacing of 200-300 mm.

Consider ways to mount garlands on the facade of the house

It is always important to remember about safety measures when attaching festive garlands to walls, roofs, cornices and under. in outdoor conditions. We offer you several ways of fixing the street illumination on the facade of the house:

  1. The decoration can be fixed with the help of clamps – plastic ties. Clamps are usually attached to the brackets of gutters, hooks, self-tapping screws and under. It is important to observe a relatively frequent step (200-400mm) in fixing to avoid breakage in strong winds. Clamps can be and nylon, they use a step of 300-350 mm, otherwise the couplings will not withstand the load and frost and simply burst. You can find similar clamps on sale with frost-resistant material, then the pitch frequency can be brought to 400-500 mm.
  2. As a street garland mounting we can offer a perforated box. An important advantage of this attachment is to use it several times without disassembly. Using ordinary self-tapping screws, the channels are attached to the facade. If the wall of the house consists of concrete, blocks or bricks, then prepare holes in them for plastic or anchor dowels. Perforated cable channels are made of plastic or metal. Plastic rails are more flexible and lightweight. Metal ones are durable, they are not deformed under load and from temperature. During installation and subsequent removal of garlands, the protective coating of the boxes can be damaged, so you should periodically monitor this.
  3. Plastic or rubber hooks also work well as garland fasteners. They come in either double-sided tape or with holes for hardware. The first ones can be used only for light (almost weightless) illumination, for temporary mounting. Their undeniable advantage is that there is no trace after dismantling. Those with brackets are more reliable and can serve as fasteners for many years, besides they are hardly noticeable due to their transparency or color matching with walls color.
  4. Also mounts for street decorations can be made with your own hands. You can use pieces of black corrugated pipe to pull cables. Such elements in the form of a trapezoid are easy to fasten with self-tapping screws by the protruding edges to a wooden base. Cut them to 50-60 mm and make a slit along the length, through which we insert the cord of our garland. Such a fastener can also last more than one season, if you place it not in a prominent place, but under the roof.
  5. Invisible fastening can also be organized with the help of transparent plastic staples when fixed with nails. However, a lot of staples and nails will be needed. Standing on the ladder and fixing so many points of attachment – a pleasure – doubtful, especially since the wind gusts will quickly run you down.
  6. As an option, you can consider the use of self-adhesive hooks. It is quick and easy to install. However, the climate in your area should be moderate (no large temperature swings), windless and with little precipitation. Some “illuminators” use “Moment” glue for additional fixation of the hooks, but it unfortunately leaves behind noticeable traces that will darken and get dirty over time, attracting unnecessary attention.

Instead of a conclusion

If your house has clear dimensions, you will be able to decorate it yourself. Well, if the house is large and tall, it is better not to risk with its decoration by your own efforts, and invite professionals who have all the approvals for such work.

What to do with the elements of fasteners when dismantling the garland and, in fact, with the garland itself? Some are inclined to keep the whole construction in summer, others insist on the removal of the illumination. In our opinion it is better to take off the garland after the New Year, because, having withstood the frost and moisture in winter they can be spoiled by the UV light, especially if you live in a very warm southern region.

To make your Christmas garlands please you for many years, you should take them off in time (we recommend to do it in February-March, not later), put them into boxes and be sure to sign which part of the house the piece was taken off. If this is not done, the next year it will be impossible to restore from memory the scheme of all connections.

Jessie Rivera