How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

Ribbon garland can be a very stylish decoration for the Christmas tree, especially if the branches are not too fluffy and thick. There are many kinds of ribbons and ways to decorate the Christmas tree. However, there are no special rules as to exactly how to place them and combine them with other elements.

What kind of ribbons to use?

Decorative ribbon garland is great for decorating Christmas trees, on which there are gaps between the branches. With its use it will be possible not only to achieve volume and disguise, but also to add texture and color to the overall image, especially if you use wide ribbons for decorating. The main thing is that the Christmas tree decoration does not look too overwhelming. For a harmonious execution of the task, you can use some recommendations. Then the ribbons will look effective and organic, emphasizing the beauty of the forest beauty and the Christmas atmosphere.

You can use different types and kinds of ribbons for this purpose. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the color scheme and style of decoration. It is convenient to use ready-made ribbons on a bendable wire base. Everything is very easy to attach and holds up perfectly. Can’t find beautiful flexible ribbons? A simple white one will do. It remains to attach to it an ordinary textile ribbon of the desired color and texture.

Any combination of decorations in a suitable color scheme is allowed. Christmas tree decoration must be in harmony with the interior of the room or holiday style.

Different variations are possible:

  • decoration in one color;
  • play on the contrast;
  • cloths of different colors.

Ribbons can be made of different fabrics.

Reps. These are dense and weighted products. They perfectly hold shape and therefore often participate in the decoration of Christmas tree compositions.

Nylon. They are durable and weightless. It is a real pleasure to decorate with them. It is especially good to make three-dimensional models.

Atlas. Suitable as garlands and for creating bows and balloons.

Chiffon. With the help of these lush strips, it is easy to give the Christmas tree an airy, magical look. Also, chiffon ribbons are easy to use in fragments, tying directly on Christmas tree branches.

From organza. In popular delicate powder and pink shades on the Christmas tree, it’s just gorgeous. Ribbon organza garland looks especially stylish, complemented by pink and milky toys with a shiny and matte surface.

Made of brocade. Unusual, but very dressy. Gold brocade ribbon combined with retro-style toys looks luxurious. This is an exquisite decor, suitable for classic interiors, as well as lovers of the baroque and similar styles.

From burlap. Stripes from this material visually seem rough and sloppy. But this option looks unusual on the Christmas tree, especially in combination with bright shiny balls and lush tinsel.

Ways of decoration


Cut your ribbon strip (preferably with a flexible backing) into 60 x 120 cm pieces. Starting at the very top, hide the top edge of the cut into the spruce branches, and visually divide the remaining strip into two parts and duplicate the action for the middle. There is no need to overstretch the ribbon. Some carelessness is even to the advantage of the decor. Distribute the second piece a little lower and duplicate the previous step. Decorate the whole tree, alternating different sections and forming loops, as done in the photo.


There are no specific recommendations here. Free sequence is allowed. You can lay out the ribbons in islands, placing them at different levels.


To decorate a Christmas tree with cascade ribbons with your own hands is easy, if you read how to do it step by step. For this method, the ribbon does not need to be cut. It is placed on the Christmas tree from the top down. Part of the ribbon should be tucked into the gaps between the branches. If the cloth does not hold, you can use wire or a special plumber’s rope.

Having reached the bottom, the excess fabric is cut so that the free edge touches the floor. This edge is tucked under the branches. Repeat in sequence for each part of the tree to be covered to make 3-5 turns.


This method involves placing the web on top with the advancement of the ribbon downward. The type of decoration is quite popular, but to make it more attractive, it is better to take advantage of prisboring, periodic guards, etc.

Double spiral method

In this variant of decoration, two ribbons intersect. It looks very ornate and allows the use of ribbon cloths without additional manipulation with them.


In this option, as in the “cascade”, several canvases are fixed on the top of the spruce and distributed, moving to the lower branches.

“Diagonal tent”

When performing such a ribbon decor, the spiral direction of winding and “marquee” are combined.

Rhombus weave

To dress up a Christmas tree in this way, skill and skill will be required. Small ribbons are knitted for one edge, and on the other fasten the gifts of nature in the form of cones, cinnamon sticks, nuts, etc. Often the trees are dressed up with ruffles of lace.

All of these ways are considered basic, but not the only possible. If you want to decorate an original Christmas tree for New Year, it is enough to be guided by your own imagination. Then you can get a very beautiful version of an exclusive design.

The only rule is to be guided by a sense of proportion, so as not to “overload” the tree with decorative objects.

decorate a Christmas tree

Creating jewelry


Such elements from ribbons are very suitable for decorating a forest tree. To make such a decor with their own hands is not difficult, especially when inquisitive children act as apprentices. Christmas tree bows are made in two versions: in the color of the tree decoration or contrast to it.

Different styles can also be different:

  • classic;
  • “Provence”;
  • avant-garde;
  • rustic.

The main thing is that the decorations are in harmony with each other and pleasing to the eye. It will be correct to start with making the simplest versions of bows. They are knitted directly on the branch or hung for a loop, like toys. Ribbons require heat or mechanical treatment of the edges. Inadmissible twists and creases. Without measurements can not do, to do everything “by eye” – not the best idea.

If you make knots, then only on the wrong side. Areas of fastening must be masked. Beginning masters are recommended to fold ribbons into bows with the help of schemes. Viewing the master classes will also make it much easier to conceive.

American bows

There are several varieties of such products, so there are many options for folding bows. The traditional version of the satin “American” bow:

  1. From a small width of ribbon to form “figure eights”;
  2. Individual elements to fasten 2-3 pieces together, as the basis can be used a few straight ribbons connected in the center;
  3. Fasten the two parts together, glue a bead, rhinestones or a miniature bow on the place of fixation;
  4. For greater attractiveness you can trim the edges with scissors with serrated blades.

Silk bows

Christmas tree with silk bows turns out exquisite. Let’s describe how to make such ornaments according to the classic pattern.

  1. Take a 5 cm wide red ribbon and a white ribbon, but twice as wide. Make four 15 centimetre-long pieces from the red ribbon. From the white ribbon, make five of the same length.
  2. Put the white pieces in the middle of the red ones, and melt the edges with fire. It is convenient to do it with a candle or lighter.
  3. Bend the strips with the treated edges in half to make a semblance of a petal.
  4. Pass the needle through the edges, gathering the strip on a thread with a stitch “forward needle”. Secure the thread in the middle, and the place of fastening, decorate the remaining ribbon and glue a large bead.


This option is more complicated, but the result is worth the effort. You will need wide satin and narrow ribbons (braid), thread, pins or a stapler. Lay a 30 cm wide ribbon symmetrically in the form of a butterfly. In the middle fix the construction with a stapler or staple it with an English pin. Tie a narrow ribbon or braid in green and red with a lush bow with an air loop. Attach the buttonhole to the base with a hint stitch.



Ball of satin ribbons for Christmas decorations is made quite simple. To perform the idea you will need two colors of ribbons, a base and glue. As the basis is suitable ready foam ball or blank made from crumpled paper (unwanted newspaper). At the paper ball wrap cloth base.


Assumes the use of a certain technique of needlework. In the process, the ribbon blanks are rolled according to a given pattern and fastened with glue, forming a single piece. As the basis is taken a foam ball.

  1. Cut the ribbon into squares (the side is equal to the width of the ribbon).
  2. Fold diagonally to form a triangle.
  3. Fold it in the middle.
  4. Tweezers clamp the bottom part to 2 mm and cut, melt the cut to prevent unraveling. Thermo-knife is ideal for this task.
  5. Turn out the piece, and then the petal is ready.
  6. Multi-layered petals are obtained by placing squares on top of each other and repeating the above steps. Next, you need to connect the petals into a flower by stitching or gluing them on the sides with hot glue.

Looking at suitable master classes, you can learn to lay out spiral petals, with scrolls or round shapes with soft folds.

Jessie Rivera