Magnetic board with their own hands, suitable for drawing with marker and chalk

Magnetic board with their own hands, suitable for drawing with marker and chalk

Magnetic marker board for drawing is an extremely convenient thing. You can draw on it with a marker and simultaneously attach additional drawings to the paper on magnets in any place on the board. Combining the surface of the product, you can provide drawing with both marker and chalk. In this case, if you try and think about the design, the considered attribute will serve as a decoration of the room.

General principles of creating a board for drawing with their own hands

For many craftsmen it is enough to get acquainted with the known technological basics of creating the product, and already the specific design of the magnetic marker board they create with their own hands. Let’s consider the main points of making the product:

  • The dimensions of the magnetic marker board for home use usually do not exceed 0,6×1,2 m, the standard options are 0,3×0,4 m and 0,5×0,7 m. Office constructions can be twice as big.
  • As the basis is suitable for any sheet material: plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, OSB, thin metal, plastic and more. In the simplest case as a base you can use a part of the wall or the surface of the fridge.
  • To create a magnetic board you will need a sheet of thin galvanized or painted metal. It is possible to use a special magnetic coating, applied to plywood, for example. In this case, magnetic primer is applied first, and chalk paint on top of it. To do without primer, a special magnetic chalk paint is used. The cost of 0.5 liters of composition brand Tikkurila Magnetic is several thousand rubles, while the magnetic primer is three times cheaper.
  • If you only need to draw on the board, and the magnetic properties are not required, you need slate paint. It can be purchased both imported and domestically produced. In this case, the price makes it necessary to make the composition with their own hands from acrylic paint black, adding to it a baby powder or grout for tile joints. The quality of the coating suffers somewhat, but it turns out quite an acceptable surface for home use.
  • The base of the slate board for drawing with chalk can be covered with a special black self-adhesive chalkboard film. It is easy to glue it on, and coverage is inexpensive. The only possible problem is to buy the right amount of material, not a whole roll. For drawing with a marker, a special white self-adhesive film is used. It is better not to use ordinary self-adhesive tape, because the marker from it rubs off badly.
  • Structurally, a magnetic chalkboard can be desk-mounted, placed on the wall or on the floor. If you cover the two halves of the board with different compositions, it will be possible to draw on it as a marker and chalk. When using a base of cork or chipboard, buttons can also be used.
  • A wooden frame of the necessary size can be ordered from a baguette shop. Even easier to buy a suitable frame for the picture in a store for creativity. It is convenient to glue the perimeter of the homemade board with a plastic corner. It is not difficult to cut a frame from an ordinary wooden baseboard, if you have a plane.

Chalkboard with a plywood base for the home

Let’s make a chalkboard for drawing with chalk from a standard sheet of plywood with dimensions of 1.52×1.52 m, which will be placed on the wall. Let’s proceed step by step:

  • Grind a sheet of plywood with sandpaper. It is convenient to use a drill with a sticky nozzle for sandpaper disks.
  • Fix the plywood to the wall with self-tapping screws.
  • Putty the heads of the self-tapping screws. After the putty hardens, sand the fasteners.
  • Coat the surface with primer twice with intermediate drying.
  • Paint the board with two coats of chalk paint. The work is best done with a roller, and the second coat is applied perpendicularly to the first.
  • A frame of wooden plinth gives the product a finished look. You can enjoy the creativity!

Magnetic marker and chalkboard made of OSB, galvanized and foil

To make a wall magnetic marker board you will need the following materials:

  • OSB 1×1,2 m thickness of 6 mm;
  • A sheet of galvanized steel of appropriate size;
  • Plastic corners for the frame;
  • hanging fasteners;
  • self-tapping screws for hangers;
  • black tape for chalk drawing;
  • white marker tape;
  • liquid nail adhesive;
  • double-sided tape.

A set of necessary tools is shown in the photo. The procedure is as follows:

  • Cut a sheet of OSB of the required size;
  • Cut out a sheet of galvanized sheet of the same size;
  • Glue the metal on the OSB with double-sided adhesive tape;
  • Glue a black tape on the metal for chalking or a white tape for drawing with a marker;
  • Glue the board around the perimeter of the plastic corner with “liquid nails”;
  • Turn the board, drill holes for hardware, fix the hangers with self-tapping screws;
  • Hang the magnetic marker board on the wall.

How to make a glass whiteboard for drawing with a marker

It is very convenient to draw with a marker on glass. It is better to use special markers designed for drawing on glass. In this case, the drawings are erased with a soft cloth or dry sponge. Remaining traces can be erased using alcohol.

The easiest way to make a glass board for the house from a picture frame. A ready-made frame, complete with glass, can easily be purchased at an interior decor store. To turn it into a board for drawing with a marker, you need to remove the back of the cardboard, insert a sheet of white paper and put the cardboard back in place.

You can draw! Note that the wall mounts of standard frames are not very secure. During use, the product can fall and the glass will break. If you use the board on the wall, I strongly recommend strengthening its attachment with additional special hangers.

The glass board can be made completely by your own hands according to individual dimensions. It will be more reliable if you use a base of plywood and plexiglass. In this case, the frame is also made by yourself from slats, which requires a chisel. If instead of a white sheet put under the glass a special millimeter paper, it will be easy to represent drawings with dimensions on the board. For those who are willing to work hard to get a better result.

Jessie Rivera