How to decorate a room with balloons?

How to decorate a room with balloons?

Balloons are often associated with holidays, so they are often used to decorate weddings, banquets, and other events. At home, balloons can also be useful. Spending a very small amount of money, you can effectively decorate the room on the birthday of a loved one, turn a children’s holiday into a fairy tale, make more fun house party. In this article, we will describe how to beautifully decorate your apartment or house with balloons.

Individual balloons

A sky of colorful latex balloons is a perfect way to add some fun and color to any room. All you need is a bunch of balloons of different colors and sizes, some string, and some creativity. You can tie the balloons together with silk or satin ribbons, or you can leave them free-floating and simply enjoy the colorful display.

You can decorate a balloon as a gift by filling it with helium and tying it with a beautiful ribbon. To the end of the ribbon should be attached cargo (gift). For example, it can be a soft toy or something in a box. Depending on the size and weight of the presentation, you can attach one or more balloons to it, and place the composition on the floor, nightstand, table, bed, or any other surface. Such a decoration will please both children and adults.

Designs on frames

Banquet halls are often decorated with massive balloon constructions, but a small arch or panel can also be created in an apartment. For example, a fantastic rainbow will please the little ones, and the heart, mounted on the wall on Valentine’s Day, will please the other half. Mounting the composition will require a special billet of solid material, on which the products are fixed with double-sided tape or other method.

Thematic variants

Making three-dimensional figures out of balloons is a great way to use your imagination. For a children’s party, it is better to make large flowers and fantasy trees. The figures of various animals or cartoon characters made of small balloons will please the kids. If you doubt your skills, you can invite professionals to decorate the holiday or take the easy way – just buy ready-made figures of cartoon characters in foil, blow them up and “plant” on stands of conventional balloons.


This solution is suitable for a party with guests. A net is stretched under the ceiling, in which a large number of simple air-filled balloons are stacked. When the guests enter the room or at some solemn moment (for example, during congratulations to the birthday boy), someone should pull the string relaxing the net. At that moment, the balloons will fall down in an avalanche.

You should only use this method if there is no food, drinks, or fragile objects in the room, as the balls can knock them over.

Table Decorations

If you want to decorate the living room with a balloons-covered table, you can use special stands. Pretty latex products, covered with a transparent fabric (for example, tulle), can stand in miniature vases. In the center of the round table, you can place a composition of 3 balloons with a weight. However, you should not be too zealous with this type of decoration – the decor should not interfere with the view of the guests or the comfortable reception of food.

Decorating the bed

This method is often used to please your favorite girls and wives. Simply place helium-free balloons on the bed in the shape of hearts, and in the center place a soft toy or other gift. You can inflate the items with gas and create a mini cloud over the bed, and place compositions with weights on the sides. The gift technique described earlier will also work.

Glowing balloons

A solution that will please the child is to keep the “magic” balloons with him after the holiday, in the form of a night light. There are two possible solutions for making this happen: buying ready-made transparent products with LEDs or making it yourself.

Garlands of “fruits”

For a kids party, you can use ordinary balloons to create fruit decorations. You can use different shades of balloons to create different colors of fruit. For example, if you have two red balloons, you can combine them together to create a cherry. If you have a lot of purple balloons, you can use them to create grapes. You can also use foil balls in the shape of kiwis, oranges, and other fruits.

The cloud

If you tie together several blue, blue, or white balloons, you can get a figure that resembles a cloud. Some people combine these colors in one figure, but single-color versions are still more realistic.

If you want to make the composition more interesting, you can add a rainbow made of long balloons, a sun or a month made of foil to the cloud. Another great option is to cut out paper drops, glue them to a string or fishing line and use duct tape to fix them to the structure. This will make rain.


You can create large, realistic-looking animals by Stapling together balls of different shapes and colors and using a marker and paper. For example, you could make a sheep out of white balls with a beige face. You would just need to draw the eyes, nose and smile. You can also make a bear, rabbit, tiger, cat and other animals in the same way. Missing elements (eg, ears) can be cut out of paper and glued to the figure.

Balloons with surprises

Both children and adults love surprises. To make the holiday more interesting, you can fill balloons with confetti, glitter, and notes with good wishes before filling them with gas. Some people fill large balloons with small ones. To make the contents scatter on the participants of the celebration, you need to pierce the product with a sharp object (for example, a needle on a stick).


Decorating a room can be a daunting task. It is important to have a plan in mind before beginning to decorate. This includes calculating the approximate number of necessary elements. Volumetric figures, arches, and single balls that will hang in the air are all examples of necessary elements.



When choosing a color scheme for a party, it is important to focus on the theme of the celebration. For a children’s party, bright colors are usually chosen. This can be a rainbow riot of colors or a harmonious combination of 2-3 colors, depending on the sex of the child. For girls, pink and purple tones are usually chosen. For boys – blue, turquoise, blue.

Girls tend to prefer softer colors such as pink, white, and silver, and often go for combinations of these colors. Gold and white are also popular, but black-gold or silver-blue can also be pleasing to someone with different color preferences.


You can mix and match regular balloons with foil products, which can be especially handy when celebrating birthdays. It’s often easier to purchase pre-made figures rather than trying to construct them from latex products. Balloons in the shape of hearts can help express your feelings.

You can also use balls of thread as decoration, although it is a very specific type of decoration that can only be appreciated by an adult with an unusual sense of style. Such products look good in New Year’s themes, and can be combined with luminous garlands and used as night lamps (with bulbs inside).

Jessie Rivera